Financial Skills for the Real World: All about pensions

Thursday, October 5, 2023 16:00to18:00
 All about pensions

Here you are in grad school, not even having started a “real job” yet and along comes a webinar talking about pensions. Isn’t this something for “old people” to worry about? Turns out that the average Canadian is woefully underprepared for their retirement, not having saved nearly enough. The best time to learn about pensions is during university, since this way you’ll have your entire career to plan things out. Not convinced yet? All right, short quiz: What’s the difference between the CPP and the QPP? Or between defined-benefit and defined-contribution pensions, and who gets them? Who qualifies for the GIS and how much OAS can you get? Are RRSPs better or should you get an annuity? And finally, how much money should you save before being able to retire? If any of these questions have you scratching your head, you should consider attending this webinar.

Learning Outcomes:
• Learn how government pension benefits work (QPP, CPP, OAS, and GIS).
• Review how much you should save in order to have a “comfortable” retirement.
• Know how much you need to save in order to retire with your lifestyle of choice.

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