Feindel Virtual Brain and Mind Lecture Series: Bio-instantiated recurrent neural networks


Dr. Alexandros Goulas presents, "Bio-instantiated recurrent neural networks".

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Speaker: Alexandros Goulas, Ph.D.

Institute of Computational Neuroscience, University Medical Center Hamburg Eppendorf, Hamburg University, Hamburg, Germany

Abstract: Recent breakthroughs in artificial neural network research have generated a renewed interest in the intersection of biological and artificial neural systems. Despite certain similarities between these two types of networks, important differences can be discerned. First, the network topology of these systems exhibits pronounced differences. Second, biological neural networks are sculpted by evolution, whereas artificial neural networks are engineered to solve certain tasks. Here, we offer a new take on the intersection of biological and artificial systems by instantiating recurrent neural networks with the empirically discerned topology observed in nature, that is, human and monkey brain networks (bio-instantiated recurrent neural networks). We will address: i) the challenges and strategies related to the construction of bio-instantiated networks ii) the effect of empirically discerned topology in artificial systems. The findings inform debates on the significance of network topology as a structural prior facilitating learning and the insights and challenges related to artificial neural networks when used as models of the brain.

Bio: Alexandros Goulas studied Informatics (BSc), Artificial Intelligence (MSc) and Neuroscience (PhD). His research is focusing on unifying wiring principles of neural networks of different animals, addressing their development, network topology and function, as well as their relation to artificial neural networks.

The Feindel Virtual Brain and Mind (VBM) Seminar Series will advance the vision of Dr. William Feindel (1918–2014), Former Director of the Neuro (1972–1984), to constantly bridge the clinical and research realms. The talks will highlight the latest advances and discoveries in neuropsychology, cognitive neuroscience, and neuroimaging.

Speakers will include scientists from across The Neuro, as well as colleagues and collaborators locally and from around the world. The series is intended to provide a virtual forum for scientists and trainees to continue to foster interdisciplinary exchanges on the mechanisms, diagnosis and treatment of brain and cognitive disorders.

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