Facilitation Skills for Graduate Students & Postdocs - Essentials - (In Person)

Wednesday, December 6, 2023 14:00to17:00
Brown Student Services 3600 rue McTavish, Montreal, QC, H3A 0G3, CA
Facilitation Skills for Graduate Students & Postdocs - Essentials - (In Person)

By the end of this workshops, participants will be able to:

- articulate the main responsibilities of a facilitator.
- identify tools of facilitation (group norms or ground rules, debriefing model, icebreakers).
- respect and appreciate the dynamics of privilege and oppression, and the uses of power between groups.
- appreciate how ethics, morals, and values relate to leadership dilemmas.
- communicate effectively (utilizing written and spoken word, non-verbal language, electronic tools, and listening skills) in order to develop relationships, manage conflicts, and work across differences.
- recognize how my own personal identities shape my leadership.
- collaborate and constructively engage with others.

Whether you’re a new or aspiring student leader, learning how to facilitate groups will help you reach your full potential. In this Facilitation Skills workshop series, you’ll learn skills to successfully lead and guide groups (including student discussions). Facilitating requires a range of sophisticated communication skills. Most of us are not trained facilitators; we employ strategies discovered largely through trial and error. Join a group of like-minded student leaders to explore and practice essential and advanced facilitation skills, tools and more! (workshops are usually 3 hours each).

Workshop dates for Fall 2023 are Wed., Dec. 6 (Essentials) and 13 (Advanced) from 2-5pm.

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