Effective Presenting 101 Series: Delivery Strategies


 Delivery Strategies

The Effective Presenting 101 Series takes you through each of the basic steps needed to present effectively: honing content and creating trajectory, designing effective visuals, and developing a dynamic presence. Together these skills combine to increase the comprehension, credibility and connection needed to maximize your impact when presenting.


The first workshop, Content Development, helps you understand how a framework to interrogate audience and purpose can help refine content so that is accessible, interesting, and strategic. Additionally, you will learn detailed hook strategies and sequencing strategies for everything from a 3-minute to a 1-hour long presentation.


The second workshop, Effective Visuals, explores how to use PowerPoint and other technology to effectively supplement your talk, without interfering with people’s experience of listening to you. Sample slides for everything from methodology overviews, to results, to effective hooks will be shared to give you ideas about how to effectively develop visuals for your next presentation.


The third workshop, Delivery Strategies, focuses on understanding how to develop a dynamic presence using body language and voice. You will learn to appear confident and credible to your audience, while increasing engagement and clarity.


These 45-minute workshops can be taken independently or as a series, depending on your needs and presentation goals. There will be an additional 15-minute Q&A at the end of the workshop for people to ask their questions. 


The workshops are hosted live on Zoom. Advanced registration is required.


Fall 2021 semester:


Content Development


  • Tuesday September 21 @ 12:00pm
  • Wednesday September 22 @ 4:00pm


Effective Visuals


  • Tuesday September 28 @ 12:00pm
  • Wednesday September 29 @ 4:00pm


Delivery Strategies


  • Tuesday October 5 @ 12:00pm
  • Wednesday October 6 @ 4:00pm


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Online Event Instructions

Once you are registered, we will send you the Zoom link by e-mail the day before the workshop.

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