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April 22 is Earth Day, and this year's theme is Restore the Earth. Whether you identify with a particular faith or not, almost everyone can agree that there is something spiritual - and complicated - about our connection with this beautiful planet. In order to dive into the topic of spirituality and the environment, MORSL is pleased to present a few of our top picks for you to mark the day.


Kiss the Ground 
[register for free viewing up to April 26] Narrated by Woody Harrelson, this film explores the burgeoning movement to restore soil health through regenerative agriculture and gives viewers a reason to hope.

Standing on Sacred Ground: Fire and Ice
[free through McGill Library] From Ethiopia to Peru, indigenous customs protect biodiversity on sacred lands under pressure from religious conflicts and climate change. 

Webinars, Panels and Lectures

The 10 Green Commandments
[watch on Vimeo] This interfaith panel (Christian, Jewish and Muslim) explores the scriptural foundations and primary teachings that shape these religious views on our relationship with the natural world. 

The Vital Breath: Saving Our Sacred Rainforests
[watch on YouTube] In this webinar, you will learn about the UN Environment Programme (UNEP’s) Interfaith Rainforest Initiative that has mobilized communities of faith to come together as a moral voice to raise awareness about the dangers to the rainforests caused by humans, and the role which believers and non-believers alike can play in protecting and saving this most vital of resources for our continued existence.

Spirituality and Ecology: Religious Wisdom for the Future
[register to watch live on April 29Join the World Congress of Faiths (WCF) and the Parliament of the World’s Religions for a special program on, Spirituality and Ecology: Religious Wisdom for the FutureThis collaborative seminar will explore the shared contributions that religious traditions can make toward healing the natural world by ensuring environmental sustainability and a vision of inclusive justice for all the peoples of our island home. There are four traditions plus a contribution from an economic perspective.

Faith-based Climate Action and Interfaith Prayers

Faith-specific: Browse the listing - From the OneEarth Sangha Buddhist network to the Green Muslims, from EcoSikh to the Hindu GreenTemples - Take a look around! You may find something that surprises you about your own faith or learn something new about another tradition.

Interfaith event April 25, 4PM: Sacred Ground: Connecting Food, Climate, and Action. The Interfaith Solidarity Network offers a prayerful reflection event on April 25 at 4PM ET. RSVP to attend

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