Doctoral Colloquium (Music): Song Wang, PhD candidate in Music Technology



The Doctoral Colloquium is open to all.

Music Research Colloquium presents:

"Acoustic Modeling of the Saxophone Mouthpiece"

Song Wang (music technology PhD candidate)

Abstract: The mouthpiece is one of the key components in determining the sound (or timbre) and the playability of the saxophone. The shape of the mouthpiece influences the timbre and the playing response through interactions of the moving reed, the air flow near the tip of the reed and sound wave propagation through the mouthpiece and into the main bore of the instrument. This presentation is focused mainly on the modeling of the sound wave propagation, i.e. the acoustics of the saxophone mouthpiece. A 3D computer-aided design of a mouthpiece is created and then imported into a finite element computational modeling system. The result is validated by measurements. Subsequently, two simplified models are proposed for acoustic modeling of the saxophone mouthpiece, including the transfer matrix (TM) model and the geometric model (GM). The validation of these two mouthpiece models and their applications to sound synthesis and mouthpiece design are discussed.

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