Digital Wellness 101: Sustainable Strategies for Tech-Life Balance in an Era of Constant Connection

Thursday, January 27, 2022 12:00to13:00

You may be wondering: how can my relationship with technology be healthier? - how can I optimize my digital habits for better productivity, mental health, and self-care?
You’re not alone! in fact, 87% of employees are looking to employers to help them find better balance. This statistic is not that surprising given the 300% increase in people searching “how to get my brain to focus" over the last year. 

With the shift to hybrid and remote work, many of us have spent more time on tech than ever before, and have learned a myriad of lessons about the connective nature of our devices. While they allow us to bridge distances, time zones, and can bring us together - we also acknowledge that devices can be an obstacle to silence, stillness, and introspection as the rapid-fire urgency of the digital world beckons. Join us as we discuss navigating this balance and making the most out of your tech time with Digital Wellness 101.

Tune in to:

  • Become a change agent in creating and sustaining positive digital practices at home, work, and beyond.
  • Prevent and recover from sensory overload and digital overwhelm.
  • Positively shift your relationship with your devices so they fuel vs. fatigue you. 


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Learn more about the Digital Wellness 101: Optimizing Your Time and Energy micro-course. 

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