DesautelsConnect Office Hour: Peter Croubalian

Tuesday, February 23, 2021 16:00to17:00

Join us on Tuesday, February 23rd at 4PM EST, for a DesautelsConnect Office Hour hosted by Peter Croubalian!

Peter is the Career Services Specialist for McGill University’s Master of Management in Analytics; ranked #1 in Canada and #10 globally.

Prior to his role at McGill, he engaged in a diverse range of experiences in the emerging fields of analytics and data science, from leading the change management initiatives of Business Intelligence (BI) at Pratt & Whitney Canada, to leading the business development practice at one of Montreal’s top AI firms, Dataperformers.

Peter's mission is to accelerate the journeys of young professionals from university to successful business careers, and providing them with meaningful resources to do so. He also recently gave a TEDxMcGill talk about what 5 years of experience means and what universities can do about it.


Or via the Office Hours tab in DesautelsConnect.

What are Office Hours?

Office Hours are small informal group conversations between a member of the Desautels alumni, a community partner or a faculty member and a small group of students or recent graduates. It is an interactive opportunity for students to ask questions and gain insight into industries of interest. Hosted periodically throughout the year, they provide a powerful and intimate networking experience between industry leaders and up-and-coming business professionals.

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