Departmental Distinguished Grand Rounds - MAiD Series

Thursday, December 14, 2023 12:00to13:30

Title: MAID for sole mental disorders: Clinical, ethical and practical challenges

Speaker: Dr. Lilian Thorpe, BSc, MSc, MD, PhD, FRCP/ Professor, Department of Community Health and Epidemiology and Psychiatry / Saskatoon City Hospital

Learning objectives:

  • Appreciate upcoming increased choices for end of life care for patients with primary mental disorders
  • Appreciate the role of policy makers, psychiatrists and the mental health system in processes relating to MAiD MD-SUMC (Mental Disorder as the sole underlying medical condition)
  • Better understand the balance between alleviating suffering and autonomy of patients with refractory mental disorders with protection of vulnerable patients

Presentation will be in English only.

Zoom link / Register here

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