Days of Service: Cultural Roulant with Yellow Door

Tuesday, April 2, 2024 14:00to16:00
Near Sherbrooke Metro, Sherbrooke Metro, CA
 Cultural Roulant with Yellow Door

Interested in contributing to your community? Born out of the pandemic, the Cultural Roulant program by the Yellow Door aims to combat social isolation among seniors in the city. Each month, the Yellow Door delivers cultural items like books, DVDs, art kits, games, music, and interactive activities to senior residences' community rooms across the city. They're seeking volunteers to engage with residents, participate in various activities such as art sessions, bingo, pet therapy, or music, and help with cleanup afterward.

When attending, the most important is to take initiative in socializing, and to be proactive! 

While most seniors speak English, they deeply appreciate when visitors make an effort to communicate in French, even if proficiency is limited. Don't feel embarrassed if you are still learning! The effort is what counts, and it's a great chance to practice.

The location is near Sherbrooke metro. The exact address of the event isn't disclosed on this posting for safety reasons. You will receive it in a confirmation email, and the day of, a Team Leader will guide you to the location after meeting up on campus. In the email, you will also receive a Code of Conduct and Confidentiality Form that you will need to sign once you show up to the location.

After completing a minimum of 4 hours of volunteering at CHSLD, you can request a copy of your Co-Curricular Record (CCR), officially recognizing your contributions to both in and out-of-classroom learning experiences.


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