CREOR Special Lecture: Minors in Minority Religions

Thursday, April 18, 2019 12:00to15:00
Birks Building 3520 rue University, Montreal, QC, H3A 2A7, CA



A Delicate Balance between Freedom of Religion & the Well Being of the Child


April 18 Thursday, 12 to 3 P.M.

School of Religious Studies BIRKS BUILDIING

3520 University Avenue, Senior Common Room (Rm 100)



Marie-Eve Melanson, Ph.D Candidate

Children's Education in Traditionalist Settings: The Case of the Society of Saint Pius X

Shane Dussault, B.A.

Ex-Hassid Sues Québec for Lack of an Education: Secular Imperatives vs Preservation of Religious Community

Susan J. Palmer, Ph.D.

State Seizure of Manitoba's Old Order Mennonite Children: How it was Resolved

Lianne Koren, M.A.

Survivalist Children: Growing Up in the Church Universal and Triumphant (Montana, 1980-9)

Shannon Clusel, B.A.

Raising Children as 'Physically Immortal' in a Polygamous Commune: The Love Israel Family (Seattle, 1984-2003)

Pierre-Simon Cleary, M.A. Candidate (Religious Studies, Université de Sherbrooke)

 France's Persecution of the Essene Church and Impacts on Children: An Insider's Perspective

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