Consider Helping Others this Holiday Season - Give to Centraide Where Every Dollar Counts! (Online)

Monday, December 11, 2023 12:00to13:00

Offered by the Health and Wellness Program in collaboration with Centraide

If you rather give directly to a charity, think you can’t afford to give or believe a $ 10 donation does not make a difference – this session is for you!

With the rising cost of living, those that are struggling to make ends meet are even more vulnerable. If you would like to know what little actions you can take to help people in difficulty in our community, join this session so you can discover what sets Centraide apart, gain insights into how investment decisions are made, understand the power of donations and grasp how contributions are channeled directly into the heart of the greater Montreal community.

Register here.

Note: There will be an interactive quiz during this session so we suggest to have your smartphone ready. 

You can learn more about the McGill Centraide Campaign here.


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