CoachingOurselves: Managing Time and Energy


Work is not just about making brilliant decisions. It is also about how we manage our time and energy, individually and as a team. Almost everyone feels there is not enough time in a day, but there are days when we feel “Wow, we got a lot done”. How do we make that happen more often? Sometimes the problem isn’t lack of time at all, it’s lack of energy. When we are at our best we can zip through a project, but when we are tired or uninspired the hours go by but not a lot is accomplished. The objectives for this topic are to:

  • Identify how we currently manage our time.
  • Learn how to work with our natural rhythms so we can maximize creative and productive work.
  • Reflect on ways we can work to make the most of time and energy.

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2. In the Employee Menu, click on Training Menu, select CoachingOurselves, and follow the instructions to register.

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