CANCELLED - Absentees: On Variously Missing Persons

Friday, April 26, 2024 13:00to14:30
ROOM 16 SCOTT Old Chancellor Day Hall Faculty of Law McGill University


Presentation summary

Daniel Heller-Roazen will be discussing his most recent book, Absentees, and its threefold typology of the ways of not being somebody: becoming a missing person; becoming a diminished person; and passing into the unsettling and in some ways unique condition of being a dead body.


Daniel Heller-Roazen is Professor of Comparative Literature at Princeton University, where he is also an associate of the departments of Classics, French and Italian, German and Philosophy. His most recent books are No One’s Ways: An Essay on Infinite Naming (2017) and Absentees: On Variously Missing Persons.

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