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Living Apart Together

In this unprecedented global pandemic, for the past few months we've lived in our six-foot bubbles finding ways to stay connected. In challenging times such as these we learn to adapt and overcome. We learn to live apart - yet together. But connection is a fickle thing! What do we do when we can’t meet in person? We are all trying new ways to talk, and laugh, and be with each other. Humans are social animals; despite being different and separated from one another. Naturally, we are conditioned to connect. This trying time is no different: we are finding ways to connect with others despite the space between us. How have we adapted? And how can we find togetherness in the midst of being apart? How do we continue to live?

Explore what "Living Apart Together" means to you and share your work in our very first online multimedia edition of Radix! For the first time, we’re also accepting mixed media submissions including short videos and audio. Perhaps you'd like to share a short video of an original creation? A reading of your poetry or artist statements? The choice is yours! Please submit your prose, poetry, essays, art, photography, video or audio files to this special online multi-media edition of Radix through the webform

Theme: “Living Apart Together"
Deadline: Monday, June 15, 2020 at 11:59 PM 

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