Brown Bag Seminar on Criminal Inadmissibility


NCDH Room 101


This presentation will cover the legislation governing criminal inadmissibility to Canada under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (IRPA), a practical explanation of the application of this legislation and the remedies and strategies used by lawyers to overcome inadmissibility. Me Feil will also briefly discuss her career path to this specialty of law and why this work is so meaningful to her.  

About the speaker

McGill & University of Montreal-educated Marisa Feil holds both a Bachelor degree & Master of Laws. Marisa is the principal and founder of FWCanada, a Canadian law firm specializing in travel waivers for individuals with previous convictions and has become a respected authority on matters of Canadian immigration. Besides being frequently contacted to offer her expertise in lectures, conferences, and webinars, she has also been asked to be a contributor in various publications, including her own book “Inadmissible to Canada”, now in its second edition available on Amazon. 

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