Black History Month webinar: Experiences of Black Persons in the Health sector in Canada and Quebec: A Historical Perspective

Wednesday, February 22, 2023 12:00to14:00

In recognition of Black History Month, the Office of Social Accountability and Community Engagement (SACE), Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences, McGill University, in collaboration with the Black Community Resource Centre of Montreal (BCRC) is pleased to share this learning opportunity with you:

Webinar: Experiences of Black Persons in the Health sector in Canada and Quebec: A Historical Perspective

Presented by Dorothy Williams, PhD, an expert in Canada’s Black History, this webinar includes a Q&A session and will address the following topics:

  • The poor health outcomes of the Black community from the perspective of history;
  • Negrophobia in the Canadian context;
  • The challenges faced by Canadian Black clinicians;
  • Canada’s Black domestic scheme and its impact on Black Women.

Date: Wednesday, February 22, 2023
Time: 12pm to 2pm



About Dorothy Williams

Prof. Williams is the author of Blacks in Montreal, 1628-1986: An Urban Demography, and The Road To Now: A History of Blacks in Montreal, and Les Noirs à Montreal, 1628-1986. Her scholarship has been ground-breaking. She has a wealth of detailed knowledge about Canada's Black history which has been shared in interviews and consultations on several Canadian films, research studies and other initiatives. Thus, she has developed the ABC's of Canadian Black History Kit for teaching Black history in Canada’s schools. She is a vaunted educator, teaching the only course on Black Montreal at Concordia University. Her research interests include Black health, gender, immigration, school retention, anti-racism initiatives and community affairs.

Prof. Williams has been honoured with numerous awards including the Mathieu da Costa Award, the John G. Dennison Award, and the Quebec Laureate. All these honours culminated in 2022 when she was featured as the inaugural exhibition in the Afro-Musée, the first Black museum in Quebec.

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