Awake Brain Tumour Surgery and Fluorescence: Towards a Standard 

Tuesday, November 28, 2023 13:00to14:00

Awake Brain Tumour Surgery and Fluorescence: Towards a Standard 

This presentation will highlight the technique of awake brain mapping as well as the use of 5-ALA Fluorescence Guided Surgery to achieve maximal safe resection of malignant brain tumours. Dr. Sinclair will share the process of training other neurosurgeons across Canada to improve the care of patients with brain tumours.

Presented by Dr. John Sinclair

Dr. John Sinclair is a Neurosurgeon, Director of Neurosurgical Oncology and Director of Cerebrovascular Surgery at The Ottawa Hospital. Since completing his residency at The University of Ottawa and subsequent fellowships at Stanford University in California, he has led the introduction of new innovative treatment options at The Ottawa Hospital. He helped bring the CyberKnife radiosurgery system to Ottawa in 2010 and has established advanced awake mapping techniques over the last 10 years. He most recently introduced Fluorescence-Guided Surgery to The Ottawa Hospital after first completing his Gleolan (5-ALA) training program in Switzerland in 2017. He has been using the technique for the resection of glioblastomas in Canada since 2018 and has completed over 150 cases using Gleolan (5-ALA). Dr. Sinclair is a certified Gleolan (5-ALA) trainer in Canada and has trained over 55 neurosurgeons in this new technique with more training programs scheduled for the future.

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