Art on Thursdays | Hands-On, Hands-Off Textile Project



Hands-on, Hands-off Textile Project with Maria Ezcurra (MAHI Art Facilitator)

Considering the close relationship that exists between textiles and the body, this textile workshop will focus on notions of consent,focusing on our hands’ creative and caring potential, while also acknowledging their damaging power. Intended to help us understand and promote awareness about sexual-based violence in university campuses, for this activity we will transform (write, paint, draw, sew, embroider, etc.) fabric gloves to address and represent our thoughts and experiences related to gender-based violence. Through the transformed gloves, our bodies will become sites for learning and also for healing, resistance, communication, and commemoration.


This workshop with Deborah de Maia Lima promotes quiet and soft movements in order to facilitate the connection of the person with her/his own expression. The main idea is to awake the conscience and its relationship to the body. Join us at lunchtime for a workshop that will invigorate you and wake up the sleeping parts of your body!

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