Art Hive workshops for Growth on the Horizon: A Day of Arts-Based Healing at McGill


"Join us in the Art Hive from 2- 4PM as we host workshops for the campus wide event "Growth on the Horizon: A Day of Arts-Based Healing at McGill”. 

Workshops being held in the Art Hive include:

2 - 4 PM - Picturing Consent: A Photovoice Workshop

Education Building, 3700 McTavish, 1st floor (accessible)

 This workshop will explore the concept of consent in an academic contexts and university campuses. The audience will use their hands to make symbols and gestures of "consent." They will take pictures using a digital camera, print the photo on site and write a small caption on the meaning of the picture. The pictures will be displayed in the space to show the different meanings of consent and sexual-gender-based violence within an academic context, and will be exhibited in the Art Hive during the event.

Facilitator: Milka Nyariro, McGill Art Hive Initiative

2 - 4 PM - Hands-on, Hands-off: A Textile Workshop

Education Building, 3700 McTavish, 1st floor  (accessible)

 As human beings, we rely on our hands for mostly everything we do. We use them as tools to explore the world and transform it, and to connect with each other. This workshop focuses on our hands’ creative and caring potential, but also intends to create awareness about their damaging power. Hands-on, Hands-off encourages participants to share their experiences, thoughts and needs, and invites them to listen, understand and respect those of others. In a safe and supportive environment, participants are invited to use their hands to transform fabric gloves to represent experiences related to gender-based violence that may be hard to express in words. The gloves will be creatively transformed to address and understand gender-based sexual violence and rape culture on campuses, allowing our bodies to become sites for healing, resistance, communication, and commemoration.

Facilitator: Maria Ezcurra, McGill Art Hive Initiative Facilitator

3 - 4:30 PM - Bodily, Walking Into the Woods

Lobby of the Education Building, 3700 McTavish

 Walking is as mundane an activity as it can be challenging. For those of us who have experienced any kind of (bodily/psychological) trauma or live with any variety of anxiety disorder or depression, something as simple as "walking" (i.e.: putting oneself in the public sphere to get from point A to point B) may not be a source of respite or mental relaxation, rather, a space of confrontation (oneself with one's thoughts; oneself with the world). Bodily, Walking Into the Woods proposes a silent, meditative and collective foray onto the path in the grand park that is Mount-Royal. The act of collectively creating a container for this everyday action may hopefully offer even the smallest moment of respite as we walk together, in solidarity (even if in silence), sharing a moment of quietude and natural beauty. 2. Walking is as mundane an activity as it is profound. Not only does it allow a moment of being with our thoughts - a precious time to process events (big and small) - it also opens a space for breath and time for decompression. Or to leave thoughts behind. In this interval-like activity, I have experience some of my most cherished moments of simple joy. Living with chronic low grade depression, I have also noticed how walking, as a practice, has acted like a reset button over and over again. Something about the body connecting with breath, sky, and ground (simultaneously) has repeatedly cleared the cobwebs, making wellness seem like an actual and attainable possibility. 3. When we walk in a place, over and over, that place becomes ours. It recalls our experiences as we rewrite them onto these paths. Walking as reclamation of (public) space.

Facilitator: Victoria Stanton

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Growth on the Horizon: A Day of Arts-Based Healing at McGill

In the spirit of wellness, community building, and collective reflection, join us on March 22, from 9 am to 5 pm in the Arts Building Lobby, for a student-initiated, arts-based event aimed at understanding, addressing, and healing from rape culture and gendered violence on campus.

Growth on the Horizon will bring together survivors, students, artists, allies, administrators, faculty, staff, and front-line workers to participate in activities that foster exchange and reflection around the reality of sexual and gendered violence on campus, along with individual, collective and institutional forms of healing and care. For more information, please visit:



Growth on the Horizon is seeking artistic contributions that raise awareness about consent, healing and wellness on campus! Submissions will be displayed at IGSF and shared on our social media. Two selected works will be converted into colouring pages (with artist approval) for distribution at an activity station on March 22. Please send submissions to growthonthehorizon2018 [at] by March. 15!

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