4 o'Clock Forum: Silos of life-saving drugs in spontaneously dying leaf cells

Thursday, January 25, 2024 16:00to17:00
Raymond Building R3-048, 21111 Lakeshore Road, St Anne de Bellevue, QC, H9X 3V9, CA

Silos of life-saving drugs in spontaneously dying leaf cells

Join us for the first 4 o'Clock Forum of 2024, featuring Department of Plant Science Professor Mehran Dastmalchi​.

About the speaker

Mehran Dastmalchi is an assistant professor in the Department of Plant Science at McGill University. His research group studies the biochemistry of crop and medicinal plants, focusing on pathways producing health and defense compounds. They leverage this knowledge for synthetic biology efforts to produce high-value chemicals.

Dr. Dastmalchi received his Ph.D. from Western University (2015) and completed postdoctoral fellowships at the University of Calgary (2015-2018) and Brock University (2018-2019). He has research experience in the public and private realms at Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada and the biotech company Epimeron Inc., respectively, where he studied diverse plants and pathways from soybean to opium poppy.

About the 4 o'Clock Forum Seminar Series

McGill's Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences has tremendous expertise and opportunities for innovations in research on agriculture, the environment, health, food, nutrition, pests and parasites, including from a biotechnology perspective. However, there are limited opportunities for faculty, postdoctoral fellows and graduate students to share their common interests in these areas.

In order to bring together the Macdonald Science Community, we have initiated a monthly seminar series—"4 O'clock Forum"—where faculty members and postdoctoral fellows are invited to present their work. Through these seminars on the Macdonald campus, researchers and graduate students will have regular opportunities to be exposed to scientific advancements related to their own fields of research as well as other scientific areas. Graduate and undergraduate students can benefit from these academic opportunities, all of which are aimed at stimulating critical discussions about contemporary research and issues in the agriculture and environment, to foster increased interactions among the Macdonald faculty, and to highlight our ability to deliver outstanding scientific contributions.

Please jaswinder.singh [at] mcgill.ca (contact Professor Jaswinder Singh) with any questions.

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