1st Conference on Psychotraumatology at the Douglas Institute and 2nd International Conference on Reconsolidation Therapy

Thursday, November 9, 2023toSaturday, November 11, 2023

Organized jointly with McGill University, the Douglas Mental Health University Institute and the non-profit RTIA (Reconsolidation Therapy International Association), this conference will welcome psychiatrists, researchers, clinicians, psychologists, psychiatric nurses, social workers, and anyone else interested in the issue of psychological trauma and its treatment.

This year’s conference theme is focussed on trauma as a transdiagnostic issue. The event will be an opportunity to raise awareness about new therapeutic approaches, including Method Brunet - Reconsolidation Therapy (MBTR), discovered at the Douglas Research Center by Professor Alain Brunet's team, and used by practitioners working with various clinical populations suffering from psychological trauma. More information


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