Bystanders in cyberbullying

Published: 25 July 2018

Your child is in elementary school and is begging you to buy them a cell phone, an iPod and iPad.  Anything, as long as they can communicate with their friends, either by texting or through social...

Punishing kids for lying just doesn’t work

Published: 8 December 2014

If you want your child to tell the truth, it’s best not to threaten to punish them if they lie. That’s what researchers discovered through a simple experiment involving 372 children between the...

The truth about lying? Children’s perceptions get more nuanced with age

Published: 5 October 2016

Parents don’t like it when children lie. But what do the kids themselves think about it? New research suggests truth telling isn’t black and white....

From election campaigns to dishonest monkeys: Why we're hard-wired to lie

Published: 21 October 2016

According to McGill University's Victoria Talwar, there are two main categories of lies: deceptions that are motivated by self-interest and lies that are designed to benefit others. CBC News

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