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The power of ambiversion

Published: 4Mar2021

In a world of emergent strategy, where more levels of an organization are involved in strategic decisions than ever, Professor Karl Moore points to the value of ambiversion in leadership. Naturally...

Montreal workers tired of working remotely

Published: 4Mar2021

The novelty and convenience of remote work has worn off for many Montrealers, according to new survey results released by Montreal Centre-Ville and the Urban Development Institute. The majority of...

E-commerce booms during pandemic

Published: 4Mar2021

Since its launch in 2016, EMERGE Commerce has risen to become a leader in direct-to-consumer e-commerce brands. Professor Karl Moore recently spoke with EMERGE Commerce founder and CEO Ghassan...

Air Canada, Transat AT deal remains unfinished

Published: 26Feb2021

Pandemic-related airline changes are making it difficult for Air Canada to finalize its planned purchase of Transat. The details of the deal remain mostly unknown following the passing of the...

Airline industry could take two years to recover from pandemic

Published: 26Feb2021

Following another round of Air Canada layoffs in Atlantic Canada, it could be well into 2023 before airlines return to normalcy, says Professor Karl Moore. As airline companies continue to wait for...

Airline competition tricky due to COVID-19 concerns

Published: 22Feb2021

As Air Canada grapples with a year-end revenue loss of 70% due to the pandemic, its purchase of Transat AT has drawn criticism from competing airlines....

Authenticity is key to successful personal branding

Published: 22Feb2021

While the term ‘personal brand’ remains fluid and difficult to define, Professor Karl Moore says the best way to influence others is to be authentic and stay true to your value system....

Adaptability is key to success

Published: 12Feb2021

In 2020, Professor Karl Moore invited more than 40 CEOs to McGill’s CEO Insights course to exchange perspectives on pivoting business operations in response to adverse events....

Scouting and Schmoozing: A Gender Difference in Networking During Job Search

Published: 9Feb2021

Authors: Elena Obukhova and A.M. KleinbaumPublication: Academy of Management Discoveries, ForthcomingAbstract:


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