Negotiators can leverage shared interests to the mutual benefit of all parties

Published: 16 September 2022

Barry Nalebuff has advised the National Basketball Association in negotiations with the league’s players union, and provided consulting advice to over 50 multinational companies. But the professor...

To stay ahead of the game elite athletes and business leaders must embrace change

Published: 7 September 2022

When Tim Murdoch played lacrosse at Princeton in the 1980s, his coaches were prone to yelling and screaming. And Murdoch brought that coaching style to McGill’s lacrosse team, but when he had a...

Rio Tinto Aluminium hopes new smelting process can reduce emissions from smelting process

Published: 2 September 2022

To generate and store low-carbon energy, we will need large quantities of minerals and metals. Aluminum is among the most important. Its production accounts for 2% of human-produced emissions, and...

GM plans to use dealerships to upgrade charging infrastructure, accelerate EV adoption

Published: 2 September 2022

GM plans to eliminate all tailpipe emissions from light-duty vehicles by 2035 – but right now, we don’t have the electrical grid we need to power all the electric vehicles (EVs) that we would need...

At-work interactions can help build trust that transfers to remote work environments

Published: 2 September 2022

Nearly 90 per cent of Americans would choose to work remotely, and the trend holds true among different occupational categories, demographic groups, and geographical locations. But there are still...

Indigenous women are fastest growing group of entrepreneurs

Published: 2 September 2022

There are about 60,000 Indigenous entrepreneurs in Canada, and Indigenous women are the fastest growing group of entrepreneurs. “They are outpacing all other segments” says Monica James, a member...

Shopify’s work-from anywhere model unlocks a globe-spanning talent pool

Published: 26 July 2022

Some might see the model of hybrid work as a half-measure, but Shopify is using it to transcend geography – and as a work-around for the skilled worker shortage that’s plaguing the tech sector....

New SEC reporting requirements will be a challenge for companies without strong CSR strategies

Published: 25 July 2022

With the specter of climate change looming large, the Securities and Exchange Commission has moved to standardize environmental and social governance reporting....

Luxembourg is investing in innovation to power its future

Published: 25 July 2022

Luxembourg is one of the smallest countries in the world. At 2,586km2, it’s less than half the size of Prince Edward Island.


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