Eastern Townships Canadian Club

Thursday, May 9, 2013 12:00

Dr. Joe Schwarcz will present "Alternative Medicine - Hope or Hype?"   Hôtel Le Président, CA, 3535 King West, Sherbrooke, J1L 1P8, CA/ossCategory: Public lectures and conferences

Honey, I shrunk the ants: how environment controls size

Published: 11 March 2015

Until now scientists have believed that the variations in traits such as our height, skin colour, tendency to gain weight or not, intelligence, tendency to develop certain diseases, etc., all of...

Critical information missing in fight to save wildlife

Published: 8 September 2016

With global temperatures continuing to rise at an alarming rate, predictions for the impact of climate change on plants and wildlife must improve to give scientists a clearer picture of which...

Targeting the biological clock could slow the progression of cancer

Published: 16 February 2017

Does the biological clock in cancer cells influence tumour growth? Yes, according to a study conducted by Nicolas Cermakian, a professor in McGill University’s Department of Psychiatry....


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