Saibal Ray

Montreal retailers plan for month-long Black Friday to stay afloat

Published: 12Nov2020

Struggling Montreal retailers hope to build a critical mass of shoppers downtown through offering traditional Black Friday sales and events for multiple days, even up to a month in some stores....

Delve: Adapting our Global Supply Chains During a Historic Pandemic

Published: 20Jul2020

For the last several decades we have been conditioned to assume that necessities like food items and cleaning supplies will be readily available whenever we require them. But the COVID-19 pandemic...

Delve: The Retailer’s Post-Pandemic Playbook

Published: 2Jul2020

Even if the spread of COVID-19 shows signs of slowing down and retail stores begin to reopen, the economic recovery from the shutdown will be long and convincing people to visit brick-and-mortar...

Desautels professors awarded IVADO research funding

Published: 1Jul2020

Four Desautels professors have been awarded research grants by the Institute for Data Valorization (IVADO), a Montreal-based scientific and economic data science hub. The grants will fund three two...

McGill alumni webcast - Talking shop: How COVID-19 is reshaping the retail industry


The swiftness and severity of the COVID-19 pandemic, and the ongoing uncertainty over when it will subside, have drastically altered our shopping habits and shaken the retail industry to its core....

Delve: Consumer Behaviour in the Post-Pandemic Retail Landscape

Published: 19Jun2020

As the world rallies to contain the spread of COVID-19, consumers continue to adapt to the new normal, characterized by stringent physical distancing and self-quarantining measures. In such a...

Protecting consumers from supply chain disruptions during global crises

Published: 3Jun2020

COVID-19 has resulted in significant disruptions to the supply chain, particularly for necessities such as medical devices and personal protective equipment (PPE). Such large-scale disruptions have...

Professor Saibal Ray publishes new book

Published: 3Feb2020

In his new book Channel Strategies and Marketing Mix in a Connected World, Professor Saibal Ray puts the spotlight on how the digitalization of the retail channel affects consumers, products, and...

Consumers show a rising interest in retail events

Published: 29Nov2019

As we see a growing interest in retail events, retailers are tasked with the challenge of finding new and exciting ways to draw in customers. The expansion of Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales...


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