Organizational Behaviour

Pandemic changes risk calculation for would-be entrepreneurs

Published: 13Jan2021

The high-risk, high-reward gamble of startup life has lost some of its gleam during the COVID-19 pandemic, says Professor Lisa Cohen....

BCom course inspires students to negotiate $30k in savings this semester

Published: 10Dec2020

Every fall, students enrolled in Professor Jean-Nicolas Reyt’s undergraduate Negotiations and Conflict Resolution course compete on teams to out-negotiate each other in real world situations....

Remote work through the lens of a CEO

Published: 27Nov2020

While some Canadians are going stir crazy in their ninth month of working from home, others hope to continue working remotely after COVID-19 pandemic ends. Whether or not they get their wish...

Telework is here to stay

Published: 27Nov2020

Professor Jean-Nicolas Reyt joins the ongoing discussion about the future of telework in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. As the workplace as we know it evolves rapidly, Reyt identifies and analyzes...

Professor Hewlin receives prestigious award nomination for paper on authenticity in the workplace

Published: 27Nov2020

Congratulations to Professor Patricia Hewlin, Associate Professor in Organizational Behavior, for being selected as a finalist for the 2020 Academy of Management Annals Best Paper Award. Her paper,...

Delve: It’s Difficult to Breathe Behind a Facade, but Psychological Safety is the Antidote

Published: 25Nov2020

According to McGill University’s Professor Patricia Faison Hewlin, today’s socio-political climate has placed diversity and inclusion at the forefront, revealing the depth to which psychological...

The future of telecommuting

Published: 5Nov2020

Recent polls show that 89% of Canadians think that telecommuting is a positive experience. Professor Lisa Cohen joins MAtv Montreal to discuss the future of telecommuting Watch video

To weather the health and social crises, lead with compassion and authenticity

Published: 7Oct2020

As the world faces an uphill battle against the pandemic and social injustices, Professor Patricia Faison Hewlin is calling on educators to ensure a focus on authenticity, emotional intelligence...


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