Time for bed: Bad sleep habits start early in school-age children

Published: 20 March 2018

Bad sleep habits in children begin earlier than many experts assume. That’s the takeaway from a new study led by McGill University researchers. The findings suggest that official sleep guidelines...

Tango could benefit Parkinson's disease patients

Published: 14 April 2015

Dancing the Argentine tango could have potential benefits for people at certain stages in the development of Parkinson’s disease (PD), according to findings in a new study by researchers at the...

UK10K genome project examines rare variants, disease

Published: 15 September 2015

The largest population genome sequencing effort to date is published today in Nature. Based on data collected by the UK10K project, the study was designed to explore the contribution of rare...

A new way to starve lung cancer?

Published: 20 October 2015

Preventing cancer cells from growing by understanding what they 'eat'.

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