Masters in Business Administration (MBA)

Leveraging XBRL Data in Financial Analysis

Published: 12 April 2013

Back in August 2003, Timothy Koller wrote in McKinsey Quarterly an article “Numbers investors can trust”, where he emphasized the importance of “genuine disclosure” of financial information by...

An Idea that Will Change the World

Published: 5 March 2014

How a team of McGill MBA students beat thousands of competitors to win $1 million for the not-so-crazy idea of farming edible insects....

L'heureuse double vie de Glenn B. Miller

Published: 8 July 2014

Le type a la carrure, le look et l’entregent d’une vedette de cinéma. Son sourire est dévastateur. Et si on reprend le cliché de celui dont on dit qu’il mord dans la vie à pleines dents, il en est...

MBA student Alicia Cooper awarded Development Needs Scholarship

Published: 11 December 2012

MBA student Alicia Cooper was awarded the Development Needs Scholarship by the Ministry of Public Administration of Trinidad and Tobago.

Mining and the MBA – B-School Students Work with Iron Ore Company of Canada Mines

Published: 19 November 2013

45 MBA students from the Desautels Faculty of Management at McGill University, Canada, have engaged in a partnership with the Iron Ore Company of Canada (IOC), where they will play the role of...

Fiscal Decentralization and Local Government Bonds in China –财政分权, 地方政府债务

Published: 17 June 2014

Usman W. Chohan (楚浩云) is an MBA candidate at Desautels with a Concentration in Strategy and Leadership. He is currently on an MBA exchange in Beijing, at a joint program between Tsinghua School of...

Professor Sujata Madan, McGill University

Published: 16 February 2015

Written by Professor Sujata Madan...

MBA Programs Drawing More Applications in Quebec

Published: 18 October 2012

Applications are up for MBA programs in Quebec, even as they have slowed in the U.S. RDI's business-news show reports on the situation, including interviews at Desautels Faculty of Management....

Academia Rolls Out Insect-Based Flour to Feed Malnourished Populations in Developing Countries

Published: 5 October 2013

Reality dictates that there is actually more than enough food on this planet, not to mention vastly more food-growing potential, than we have all been led to believe by social engineers and the...


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