Products derived from plants offer potential as dual-targeting agents for experimental cerebral malaria

Published: 20 February 2018

Malaria, a life-threatening disease usually caused when parasites from the Plasmodium family enter the bloodstream of a person bitten by a parasite-carrying mosquito, is a severe health threat...

Ending AIDS, TB and Malaria as Epidemics: How can Canada help?

Thursday, September 15, 2016 16:00to17:30

Please note that the event is now at capacity. A live webcast of the panel will be available here from 4PM, September 15....

$5M for Malaria, Tuberculosis Drug-discovery Research

Published: 17 December 2015

University of Toronto and McGill University scientists are leading an international partnership to discover new and improved drug treatments for tuberculosis, malaria and neglected tropical...

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