Ken Lester

Experts: NAFTA negotiations in Montreal

Published: 22Jan2018

A sixth round of NAFTA negotiations is taking place this week in Montreal, with key players say the focus is on constructive discussion.” (CTV News)...

CTV Montreal: Global recovery without China?

Published: 7Aug2015

Ken Lester, Desautels' finance professor, talks about the tanking Chinese stock market and fears about repercussions for markets elsewhere. Watch the video: CTV Montreal, August 5, 2015

Cuba moves could drive Canadian tourism

Published: 22Dec2014

Cuba has always held a certain allure for the traveller: the music, the food, the beaches and even the cigars.... McGill University business professor Karl Moore said that while Canadian sun...

What does future hold for Laura clothing stores now that they are asking for creditor protection?

Published: 7Aug2015

Professor Ken Lester talks about what the retailer Laura needs to do to survive in this market. Listen to the interview: CBC News, August 5, 2015

Bombardier among companies using legal tax havens at expense of home country

Published: 22Dec2014

The problem is not that Bombardier Inc. played a complex shell game since at least 2010 by refinancing and redirecting US$500 million of its financing activities to Luxembourg, a notorious tax...

This week in business with Ken Lester

Published: 30Oct2015

The debut of new weekly series in the business world. Designed as a look ahead in the week of business, we will be chatting with Mr. Ken Lester, McGill Professor and CEO of Lester Asset Management...


Published: 3Nov2015

Bombardier et le gouvernement du Québec ont créé une société en commandite pour y placer tous les actifs liés à la C Series et le milliard de dollars américains offert par Québec pour mener à bien...


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