McGill establishes research chair to address climate change in the North

Published: 18 October 2023

As Canadians experience a year of record-breaking wildfires, floods, and extreme heat, experts are warning that these conditions will persist and likely intensify over the coming decades as we...

Take virtual trip to the arctic with Dorothy Newton Swales, McGill’s “mother of botany”

Published: 20 April 2023

Heather Rogers, a Digital Humanities student at MA, has taken her research on Dorothy Newton Swales (BSc Plant Pathology, 1921; MSc Bacteriology 1922; Ph.D. University of Manitoba, Mycology 1931)...

200 years of McGill’s Botanical history inspires Montreal artists

Published: 23 June 2022

Two-hundred years ago, a young man frequented swamps, stream banks and thickets, collecting wild plants across what would become the urban core of the city of Montreal. He had recently returned...

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