Henry Mintzberg

Heading down the Road to 200

Published: 3Nov2016

A cornerstone of the Road to 200 is a series of events in Montreal and cities around the world with sizeable alumni communities. On September 22, more than 260 alumni and friends attended a...

Musings on management

Published: 27Oct2016

Written by Henry Mintzberg ...

Kevin O’Leary is Wrong! It is NOT All About The Money!

Published: 24Oct2016

I once went to see Kevin O’Leary at a Fireside Chat at Ryerson University’s Ted Rogers School of Management, just to experience him in a more intimate situation. He was as abrasive and blunt as he...

Giving all citizens a ‘loud and clear’ voice on health

Published: 14Oct2016

Senators have proposed emulating the UK’s NHS approach on citizen-centred healthcare and have urged the Oireachtas to consult with as many citizens as possible on the ‘important future’ of Irish...

Managers and leaders in high demand

Published: 11Oct2016

In a crude sense, management can be broken into three parts - man, age and ment. It essentially speaks about people, times and actions. Veteran management thinker Henry Mintzberg often advocates...

Of Empathy And Strategy

Published: 6Oct2016

Corporations have more data than ever about their consumers and customers, and advanced analytic platforms increasingly democratize data analysis.

Du pareil au même

Published: 26Sep2016

L'un de nous est Américain, l'autre est Canadien; l'un est conservateur, l'autre est libéral. Nous vivons tous deux au Canada, une position privilégiée d'où suivre le déroulement de l'élection...

Managers, et si vous appreniez à... vous taire!

Published: 20Sep2016

...Bref, nombre de dirigeants d'entreprise gagneraient clairement à apprendre à se taire. Ne serait que pour mieux écouter ce que les autres ont à leur dire. D'ailleurs, le professeur de management...

Master of None: Wisdom of an MBA

Published: 16Sep2016

“It is time to recognise conventional MBA programs for what they are,” says Henry Mintzberg, professor of management studies at McGill University in Montreal, and one of the four all-time gurus of...

Are American Voters Trumped Both Ways?

Published: 16Sep2016

One of us is American and the other Canadian, one conservative, the other liberal. We live in Canada, a good vantage whence to watch the in U.S. election. Where, we wish to ask, are the good folks...