Prevent members of U.S. Congress from trading individual stocks

Published: 18Dec2020

Professor Patrick Augustin wades into the debate over the heated race to fill Georgia’s two Senate seats in a runoff and special election scheduled for January. From his perspective, Senator David...

The upside of financial fragility

Published: 11Dec2020

In two recent studies, Professor David Schumacher charts the rise of large asset managers and examines their effect on financial market stability. While market participants have a good reason to be...

Prime Minister Trudeau encourages Desautels finance class to stay positive

Published: 4Dec2020

When Professor of Practice Sujata Madan noticed that her finance students seemed overwhelmed in the final weeks of a difficult semester, she recruited help from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and...

Delve: Canada’s Pension Plan Is the Envy of the World, and Now We Know Why

Published: 9Nov2020

A new study by Prof Sebastien Betermier is the first to use real data to do a quantitative analysis of asset allocation strategies and cost structures for hundreds of pension, endowment, and...

The case for a long-term divestment strategy

Published: 5Nov2020

Pressure is on the Canada Pension Plan Investment Board (CPPIB) to divest from fossil fuel companies in support of Canada’s transition to a low-carbon economy. Professor Sebastien Betermier...

Advocacy for a second Caisse de dépôt

Published: 24Sep2020

An article in La Presse features Sebastien Betermier’s research that reveals the superiority of Canadian pension funds. Using the Canadian pension funds as a model for success, the article proposes...

The Canadian Pension Fund Model: A Quantitative Portrait

Published: 10Sep2020

Authors:Alexander Beath, Sebastien Betermier, Chris Flynn, Quentin Spehner Published: July 21, 2020. Available at SSRN Abstract:

Banks turn to selfies to simplify identity verification

Published: 10Sep2020

Banks have turned to selfies for facial recognition to help simplify identity verification methods. Professor Mo Chaudhury joins Bank Innovation to discuss the prospects and risks of facial...


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