Faculty of Religious Studies

Visiting Professors in the School of Religious Studies

Published: 28Sep2018

The School of Religious Studies is welcoming to McGill, and to the Birks Building, several visiting professors and scholars during the 2018-19 academic year. We are grateful for their willingness...

$5 million gift strengthens interfaith scholarship

Published: 1May2013

“In our globalized world, religion is a vital dimension of our humanity,” said Barbara Keenan. “It is very important that today’s students – no matter what their course of study – have an...

$5 million generous gift from McGill alumni to the Faculty of Religious Studies

Published: 9May2013

McGill alumni Barbara and Patrick Keenan, gave a transformative gift of $5 million to the Faculty of Religious Studies, as part of the University’s fundraising effort, Campaign McGill: History in...

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