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Samara Reck-Peterson, Ph.D. / Zoom Seminar Title: "Microtubule-based transport in health and disease"


Hosted by the Dept. of BiochemistryMandatory for Biochemistry Graduate StudentsSamara Reck-Peterson, Ph.D. Professor, Department of Cellular and Molecular Medicine,

Discovery of a new key player in long-term memory

Published: 7Oct2020

A McGill-led multi-institutional research team has discovered that during memory consolidation, there are at least two distinct processes taking place in two different brain networks – the...

Expert opinion: COVID-19 vaccine rollout unlikely before fall 2021

Published: 1Oct2020

Experts working in the field of vaccine development tend to believe that an effective vaccine is not likely to be available for the general public before the fall of 2021. In a paper published...

Better understanding of nature’s nanomachines may help in design of future drugs

Published: 30Apr2020

Many of the drugs and medicines that we rely on today are natural products taken from microbes like bacteria and fungi. Within these microbes, the drugs are made by tiny natural machines – mega...


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