Living Soils Symposium Montreal


The Living Soils Symposium Montreal team is looking for volunteers to help out during their event on October 13-14-15 at Concordia University.Concordia university, 1455 De Maisonneuve Blvd. W.,...

Waste Management Squad promotes good composting habits in Pointe-Claire

Published: 27Jul2017

Judith Largy-Nadeau (BRE) and Dainava Blayney (NRS) and students from the Université de Sherbrooke are going door-to-door in Pointe-Claire to promote good waste habits this summer....

Dietary shifts driving up phosphorus use

Published: 17Jan2013

Dietary changes since the early 1960s have fueled a sharp increase in the amount of mined phosphorus used to produce the food consumed by the average person over the course of a year, according to...

Global Environmental Health: From Cell to Society


This full day conference aims to provide an opportunity to those interested in environmental health sciences to learn about the ground-breaking work conducted on the topic in the region and beyond....

Rachel Carson: Witness for Nature


A public lecture by Linda Lear in celebration of the 50th anniversary of Silent Spring...

MSE Annual Environment Public Lecture: David Owen


No Registration RequiredN3625 avenue du Parc, Montreal, QC, H2X 3P8, CA/sustainabilityCategory: Sustainability

‘Blue-green algae’ proliferating in lakes

Published: 26Feb2015

The organisms commonly known as blue-green algae have proliferated much more rapidly than other algae in lakes across North America and Europe over the past two centuries – and in many cases the...

McGill researchers lead development of tool to assess environmental risks of chemicals

Published: 8Dec2016

Assessing the risks that toxic chemicals pose to natural ecosystems is a huge challenge, given the thousands of chemicals that require testing. But the task is expected soon to become less daunting...


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