Global Health Conference on Climate Change


The McGill Global Health Committee of IFMSA-Quebec is organizing a conference that will not only explore the impacts of climate change on human health here and on a global scale but also transform...

Clean ride mapper: Cycling the less polluted routes

Published: 15Apr2015

Cyclists in Montreal and Toronto can now choose the least polluted routes to get around their cities thanks to an online tool developed at McGill University. Sometimes a detour of less than 1 km...

‘Blue-green algae’ proliferating in lakes

Published: 26Feb2015

The organisms commonly known as blue-green algae have proliferated much more rapidly than other algae in lakes across North America and Europe over the past two centuries – and in many cases the...

Eating Disorders, Gene‐Environment Interactions and the Epigenome


You are invited to attend a Special Colloquiium by DR. HOWARD STEIGER, Director, Eating Disorders Program, Douglas Institute Professor, Psychiatry Department, McGill University.

Green Careers Week 2015


Three days of events to help you learn about environmental career options. If you're looking for ideas, inspiration, motivation and advice, then Green Careers Week is for you!/capsCategory: Career...

Information session for MUSE 2015!


Information session for MUSE 2015!  Seeking applied research and experience-based learning opportunities this summer?

Invasive Species in the Great Lakes by 2063

Published: 29Jan2015

The Great Lakes have been invaded by more non-native species than any other freshwater ecosystem in the world. In spite of increasing efforts to stem the tide of invasion threats, the lakes remain...