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Common gene variant influences food choices

The same gene variant may lead girls to make healthy or unhealthy food choices- depending on their early socio-economic environment
Tue, 2016-02-09 15:17

By Katherine Gombay, McGill Newsroom

If you’re fat, can you blame it on your genes? The answer is a qualified yes. Maybe. Under certain circumstances. Researchers are moving towards a better understanding of some of the roots of obesity.

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Contact: Laurette Dube
Organization: McGill Centre for the Convergence of Health and Economics

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Contact: Katherine Gombay
Organization: Media Relations - McGill University
Office Phone: 514-398-2189
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Why efforts against obesity aren’t working

Wed, 2014-06-04 16:08

Obesity rates continue to skyrocket around the world. The Lancet medical journal recently reported that the number of overweight and obese people doubled over the past 30 years, reaching 2.1 billion worldwide in 2013, despite public health campaigns and other measures that promote healthy eating and exercise.

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