Researchs make a new kind of plastic from crustacean and insect shells

Published: 20 December 2018

Thomas Di Nardo (MSc) and Audrey Moores discovered a new method, based on mechanochemistry and aging, allowing to turn chitin into a new, long molecular weight chitosan. This new material has...

Québec Science 10 best discoveries: Two members from Douglas Hospital

Published: 8 January 2015

Dr. Gustavo Turecki along with Dr. Juan Pablo Lopez speak about the identification of a molecule that predicts treatment response for depressed patients....

Discover McGill 2015

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Discover McGill is the campus-wide University welcome day to kick-off Orientation Week that you don't want to miss!/educationCategory: Dept. of Integrated Studies in Education...

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