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It’s snowing plastic

Published: 17Mar2021

The snow may be melting, but it is leaving pollution behind in the form of micro- and nano-plastics according to a McGill study that was recently published in Environmental Pollution. The pollution...

Keep me safe! - Mental health resources

Published: 25Aug2020

Please check the below link for resources available regarding mental health concerns:

International students entering Canada

Published: 25Aug2020

Please check the link below if you are an international student planning to enter Canada:

Useful links for incoming/potential students

Published: 25Aug2020

Please check the below link for useful information regarding working and learning remotely at Mcgill    

Collaboration between McGill AOS and ECCC

Published: 16Dec2019

Excerpt from 'Metamorphosis of the solitary genius' Published on Nov 21 2019 on the CANADA'S INNOVATION LEADERS website (

Expert: Tornado Season in the US

Published: 30May2019

“After a slow start, tornado season in the United States has suddenly become supercharged, with 500 twisters touching down over the past month and 12 consecutive days with eight or more of the...

Expert: Hurricane Florence

Published: 12Sep2018

"With a Category 4 hurricane rapidly approaching and weather officials issuing a hurricane warning for more than 300 miles of coastline, more than 1 million people faced a choice Tuesday: stay home...

McGill Professor helped coin the term 'Bomb Cyclone'

Published: 4Jan2018

McGill University meteorology professor John Gyakum, along with the revered late Massachusetts Institute of Technology meteorologist Fred Sanders, first coined the term in a paper they published in...

Melting snow contains a toxic cocktail of pollutants

Published: 4Apr2017

With spring finally here and warmer temperatures just around the corner, snow will slowly melt away, releasing us from the clutches of winter. However, that’s not the only thing that the melting...


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