A call for better problem-solvers

Published: 13 June 2018

In virtually any career path chosen, problem-solving skills are indispensable. Yet, these skills are often not formally taught in most business school curricula or in the workplace....

What can we do to enhance problem-solving skills?

Published: 22 May 2018

The ability to solve complex problems is crucial for effective leadership, yet is rarely mastered by MBA graduates entering the workplace. Drawing from their forthcoming book, Cracked it! How to...

Divisive faultlines and the unplanned dissolutions of multipartner alliances.

Published: 19 September 2014

Authors: Heidl, Ralph, Steensma, H. Kevin & Phelps, Corey.  Publication: Organization Science, 25 (5) (September-October, 2014): 1351-1371 Abstract:

Air Miles rep: 'Options' may exist for panic redeemers

Published: 5 December 2016

Air Miles Canada may have thought abandoning its unpopular expiration policy would calm the cardholder backlash from those who rushed to spend miles, but were frustrated by full flights, sold out...

Opening doors to innovation

Published: 17 January 2017

Chemical companies are increasingly using specialist investment arms to nurture new ideas

Corporate venture capital portfolios and firm innovation

Published: 2 December 2015

Authors: Wadhwa, A., Phelps, C. and Kotha, S.c   Publication: Journal of Business Venturing

Corey Phelps Discusses Organizational Knowledge

Published: 15 April 2016

How Would You Define Organizational Knowledge for Someone Who is not Familiar with the Term?...


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