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How do you create a perennial winner? Ask McGill's baseball team

Published: 7Nov2016

"We've been lucky to have a lot of really good ball players, really good kids come through the program." Head coach Jason StarrRead more: CBC News 

Unregulated 'internet of things' industry puts us all at risk

Published: 26Oct2016

"Back in the 1970s, for much of the 1980s, and even into the 1990s, it was hard to foresee just how integrated this far-flung global infrastructure would become with every aspect of our lives and...

From election campaigns to dishonest monkeys: Why we're hard-wired to lie

Published: 21Oct2016

According to McGill University's Victoria Talwar, there are two main categories of lies: deceptions that are motivated by self-interest and lies that are designed to benefit others. CBC News

From ore mining to data mining: the economy of Western Labrador diversifies for the 21st Century

Published: 26Jul2016

An item in today's CBC News reports on towns in Labrador West that are repositioning their economies for the 21st Century. These local economies once relied on mining minerals but are now housing...

What does future hold for Laura clothing stores now that they are asking for creditor protection?

Published: 7Aug2015

Professor Ken Lester talks about what the retailer Laura needs to do to survive in this market. Listen to the interview: CBC News, August 5, 2015