Brenda Milner

Annual Neuropsychology Day and Brenda Milner Lecture: Learning and Memory in the Human Brain (Virtual)


The 22 Annual Neuropsychology Day and Brenda Milner Lecture honours the career and achievements of Dr.QC, CA/neuroCategory: Medicine Research Medicine and Health Sciences MNI Dept. of Psychology

WALL STREET JOURNAL | An Unforgettable Memory Expert Muses at 100

Published: 24Aug2018

Brenda Milner is celebrated for her insight into recollections as a feature of neurobiology; the man who could only live in the present Read more

Happy Birthday Brenda!

Published: 15Jul2018

Scientist Brenda Milner, born in 1918, pioneered memory research...

Neuro XXceptional: Celebrating exceptional women

Published: 8Mar2018

Women scientists and clinicians are creators and changemakers, expanding the boundaries of human knowledge...

Pioneering memory researcher Brenda Milner inducted into the Canadian Science and Engineering Hall of Fame

Published: 5Feb2013

November 21 2012 - Dr. Brenda Milner, pioneer in the field of cognitive neuroscience whose discoveries revolutionized the understanding of memory, is being inducted into the Canadian Science and...

Finding the way to memory

Published: 5Feb2013

Guidance proteins regulate brain plasticity

World renowned scientist Dr. Brenda Milner receives Dan David Prize

Published: 13Feb2014

Dr. Brenda Milner, an active researcher at the age of 95 at the Montreal Neurological Institute and Hospital, McGill University, has been awarded the 2014 Dan David Prize for her fundamental...


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