Natural Resource Sciences Invited Seminar Series: Studies in Red-throated Caracara nesting, social and foraging behaviour


The first presentation in the NRS Invited Seminar Series--Studies in Red-throated Caracara nesting, social and foraging behaviour --will be given by Dr. Sean McCann from Acadia University, hosted...

Seabirds & their vulnerability to a warming climate: Q&A with researcher Emily Choy

Published: 3Aug2021

A study released this month found that as the climate changes in the North, some cold-adapted arctic birds are especially susceptible to heat stress.

Songbirds and humans share some common speech patterns

Published: 22Jun2021

If you listen to songbirds, you will recognize repeated melodies or phrases. Each phrase is made up of distinct sounds, strung together. A study from researchers at McGill University has found that...

How birds got their wings

Published: 17Sep2013

Birds originated from a group of small, meat-eating theropod dinosaurs called maniraptorans sometime around 150 million years ago. Recent findings from around the world show that many maniraptorans...

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