Space Debris Removal: Technologies, Missions and Science


Join us for our next virtual public lecture on April 28th at 7pm, with McGill Prof.Online/Virtual, CA/scienceCategory: Public outreach...

Family Science Activities: 24h de science


Join McGill Chemistry, the Redpath Museum, Physics Matters, BrainReach, the Gault Nature Reserve and Earth and Planetary Sciences for fun family science activities during 24h de science!...

The biggest black holes in the Universe


Join us for our next public lecture on March 31st at 7pm, with Prof. Julie Hlavacek-Larrondo from l’Université de Montréal to learn about the largest black holes in the universe!Online/Virtual, CA...

Virtual Astronomy Trivia Night


Join us for a night of fun astronomy-themed virtual trivia! Come test your knowledge on the mysteries of the Cosmos and have the opportunity to ask questions of real astrophysicists from the McGill...

CHIME Fast Radio Burst Team to Receive 2022 Berkeley Prize

Published: 17Nov2021

The Canadian Hydrogen Intensity Mapping Experiment fast radio burst (CHIME/FRB) team, which discovered more than 500 new fast radio bursts in the first year of the detector’s operations, will...

Bicentennial Family Science Day: Complete Schedule


We're celebrating 24h de science and McGill's Bicentennial as we move into another century of community outreach!/scienceCategory: Bicentennial Public outreach Faculty of Science

Telescopes unite in unprecedented observations of famous black hole

Published: 14Apr2021

In April 2019, scientists released the first image of a black hole in the galaxy M87 using the Event Horizon Telescope (EHT). However, that remarkable achievement was just the beginning of the...

Detection of a short, intense radio burst in Milky Way could help resolve origins of mysterious phenomenon

Published: 4Nov2020

New data from a Canadian-led team of astronomers, including researchers from the McGill Space Institute and McGill University Department of Physics, strongly suggest that magnetars - a type of...

McGill team awarded contract to advance potential Canadian contribution for LiteBIRD space telescope

Published: 26Nov2019

November 7, 2019 (MONTREAL, Quebec) - A team of researchers from the McGill Space Institute has secured a Phase 0 contract with the Canadian Space Agency (CSA) to advance a proposed Canadian...


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