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Opinion: Quebec should screen newborns for cystic fibrosis by Dr. Larry Lands in Montreal Gazette

Wed, 2017-05-10 13:47

Half of all CF patients in Canada do not live to see the age of 34, and these are the best results in the world. Treatment is complex, requiring a daily routine that includes consuming many pills and physical therapy that can take up to two hours per day.

Robert’s case shows why it is high time we had newborn screening for CF in Quebec. - Montreal Gazette


You may read the entire article HERE.

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Seminar - Gareth Lim (UdeM/CHUM)

Wed, 2017-05-24 11:30 - 12:30
Strathcona Anatomy and Dentistry Building : Room 2/36, 3640 rue University Montreal Quebec Canada , H3A 0C7
Price: Free

"Unexpected roles of 14-3-3 scaffolds in metabolism and metabolic disease"

Dr. Gareth Lim


University of Montreal / CHUM


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Moth Orchid Mastery. A noon-hour workshop on care of moth orchids

Fri, 2017-05-12 12:00 - 13:00
Raymond Building : R3-038, 21111 Lakeshore Road St Anne de Bellevue Quebec Canada , H9X 3V9
Price: $30 (cash), includes orchid

Orchids are fascinating plants. According to a 2007 Nature study, the origins of their plant family, Orchidaceae, can be traced back as far as 70-80 million years.

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Patterning the Arabidopsis flower: SUPERMAN and the definition of the stamen/carpel boundary

Fri, 2017-05-12 10:30
Raymond Building : R3-045, 21111 Lakeshore Road St Anne de Bellevue Quebec Canada , H9X 3V9

Not only are flowers beautiful to the naked eye, they are equally as striking at the microscopic level. One plant in particular is the unsung hero of plant biology, the model plant Arabidopsis.

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Contact: Dean Anja Geitmann
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LinkedIn 101

Wed, 2017-06-14 16:00 - 17:00
Education Building : 3700 rue McTavish Montreal Quebec Canada , H3A 1Y2

LinkedIn 101 Workshop

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Demand and Revenue Impacts of an Opaque Channel: Evidence from the Airline Industry

Tue, 2017-05-09 17:46

Authors: Nelson F. Granados, Kunsoo Han, Dan Zhang

Publication: Production and Operations Management, Forthcoming


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Grand Rounds: Impact of the Course of Substance Use Disorder on Symptomatic and Functional Outcome in First-Episode Psychosis, Dr. Amal Abdel-Baki

Fri, 2017-05-19 11:00 - 12:30
Allan Memorial Inst. Hospital : South Seminar rm P1.082, 1025 avenue des Pins Montreal Quebec Canada , H3A 1A1
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New podcast by Desautels alumnus looks at growth through company founders’ stories

Tue, 2017-05-09 12:50

Deron Triff (MBA'98) has had an enviable career; he’s worked for PBS, TED, and Scholastic. Now, he’s founded a new media incubator with another former TED executive, June Cohen.

Wait, What? specializes in creating VR series, apps, and video for social media. The company’s latest creation is a 10-episode podcast called Masters of Scale. Each episode sees host and LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman explore the ways that iconic founders grew their companies into major players, often from nothing.

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The Desautels professor who is taking on the MBA

Tue, 2017-05-09 12:43

Henry Mintzberg is looking beyond the MBA. For years, the Desautels Professor railed against what many in the corporate world see as the ultimate form of business education.

Instead, he launched the International Masters Program for Managers (IMPM) in 2004. The program eschews MBA staples like case studies and strategy in favour of a learning process based on sharing and learning from one’s fellow students.

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Crowdfunding falls short on inclusiveness

Tue, 2017-05-09 12:37

Crowdfunding’s profile has been on a constant rise ever since it first landed two decades back. It’s an ideal platform for entrepreneurs in edgy sectors looking for capital, as well as for getting consumers directly involved in funding products that interest them. The other side of the equation has always been to get funding for traditionally under-served entrepreneur groups like women or people of colour.

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