The future of food can be found in insects

Published: 7Dec2017

Restauranteurs and entrepreneurs around the world are heeding the call for more sustainable food sources. Among them is the Aspire Food Group, which has recently doubled its production of crickets...

Overcoming online shopping temptations this holiday season

Published: 7Dec2017

In an article for The Globe and Mail, Desautels Professor Ashesh Mukherjee delves into the hidden costs of living online, which can include the temptation to overspend on holiday shopping....

Darwin Day @ Museum: What happened on board the Beagle?


Join animator Bruno Paul Stenson for a treasure hunt through the Museum looking for specimens related to Darwin’s voyage aboard the Beagle.

Is it time to retire cholesterol tests?

Published: 7Dec2017

The next time you go in for a medical checkup, your doctor will probably make a mistake that could endanger your life, contends cardiologist Allan Sniderman of McGill University in Montreal, Canada...

The McGill Journal of Medicine's Special Issue focused on Primary Care in Quebec is now available online!

Published: 7Dec2017

The McGill Journal of Medicine's Special Issue focused on Primary Care in Quebec is now available online. The Issue brings together diverse perspectives in the ongoing conversation regarding the...

Expert: Geminids Meteor Shower

Published: 7Dec2017

The Geminids meteor showers will peak on the evening of Dec. 13 and continue until early morning Dec. 14. The meteors will be bright and you can see up to 120 meteors an hour stream across the sky....

Senate bestows 150th Anniversary Medal on Dr. Bernard Lapointe

Published: 7Dec2017

Dr. Bernard Lapointe, an Associate Professor of Palliative Medicine in McGill University’s Departments of Family Medicine and Oncology and an internationally recognized leader in his field, has...

uPrint service will be unavailable from Dec. 14 at 7pm until Dec. 15 at 6am

Published: 7Dec2017

The uPrint service will be unavailable due to an upgrade on Thursday, December 14 at 7pm until Friday, December 15 at approximately 6am. ...

Spring 2018 Convocation


Join us as we celebrate our Spring 2018 graduates! To see the schedule for Spring 2018 Convocation ceremonies, click here. /students/graduationCategory: Convocation