Who will solve the pension crisis

Published: 19Jan2018

Students participating in the McGill International Portfolio Challenge presented hypothetical portfolios believed to achieve solvency to address the crisis that has been affecting Canadian pension...

Insights from David Bensadoun

Published: 19Jan2018

Professor Karl Moore interviews CEO and son of the Founder of ALDO, David Bensadoun on what it means to work your way up the ranks and prove yourself on your own terms....

NEWSWEEK | Neutron star merger keeps glowing brighter and scientists can't explain why

Published: 19Jan2018

Newsweek | “Usually when we see a short gamma-ray burst, the jet emission generated gets bright for a short time as it smashes into the surrounding medium—then fades as the system stops injecting...

New Books at the Patient Resource Centre

Published: 19Jan2018

All of the following books are now available for loan at the Neuro Patient Resource Centre  

More than $59 million awarded by the CFI and the Government of Quebec to six McGill research projects

Published: 19Jan2018

New labs and equipment through the CFI’s Innovation Fund will help six transformative McGill research projects to collaborate, innovate and train the next generation of scientists for the jobs of...

The homeless are not alone

Published: 19Jan2018

Desautels Global Expert Yalmaz Siddiqui (BCom’92) has recently started an initiative to repurpose nutritional, wholesome food for the homeless, delivering it regularly and safely straight from the...

Permanent Residence in Canada - Info Session


Are you an International Student thinking of becoming a Permanent Resident of Canada?  /internationalstudentsCategory: International Student Services

Laura Starkston, Stanford University


Title: The symplectic isotopy problem and Lagrangian skeleta